Monday, July 4, 2011

Funny Komiks

PILIPINO FUNNY KOMIKS is the oldest running comic book for children published by Islas Filipinas Publishing Co., Inc. Its maiden issue appeared on June 26, 1978. It was an instant hit. With coated paper (then book-paper) cover, all regular pages in full-colors, 90 per cent of the contents in cartoons – and featuring the best cartoonists hereabouts – Pilipino Funny Komiks simply could not fail. Larry Alcala contributed his “Bing Bam Bung”, Roni Santiago came up with his “Planet op di Eyps”, Leandro S. Martinez created “Superkat”, Rene Villaroman, teaming up with cartoonist Vic Geronimo, created the laughable brat, “Batute”. R.R. Marcelino started the fantasy-adventure “Darmo Adarna”, at first teaming up with Joseph Christian Celerio as the illustrator, later with Rey Arcilla as the novel produced sequel after sequel.

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 TINAY PINAY is the super persona of Tinay. Tinay was an ordinary country girl when a mysterious shining orb fell from the sky. The orb gave her powers and a costume and named her Tinay Pinay.


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Culture Crash Comics

Culture Crash Comics was a bi-monthly Filipino comic magazine. Jescie James L. Palabay, the publisher of the magazine states that the name is derived from a perception of Filipino culture, that is "basically a crash of cultures". The publication's name is a wordplay on the phrase clash of cultures and proved to be controversial upon its maiden launch. The issue of the Filipino's cultural identity has been widely debated by CCCom's (Culture Crash Comics) peers in the Philippine comic book industry.While the group's work standard is based on those established by publishers in the U.S., Europe and Japan, there is a strong, conscious effort to retain a Filipino character at the heart of the comic. The artwork is Japanese-inspired but the stories are uniquely and distinctly Filipino-based. Their anthology format was also inspired by the traditional way Filipino comics were published. One of their claim to fame is that they also created their own revolutionary process in making comics. They are also considered as pioneers in standardizing the painted background style. The prototype for Culture Crash was the comic magazine Culture Shock, which was produced by the group Asiancore Komiks in 1996

Set in a fantastical world with impossible sciences, Cat's trail follows the loopy adventures of Airee Collette, a notorious thief wanted in two continents. Despite her ostentatious style, her slippery skills (not to mention incredible luck) has so far helped her in evading respected law-enforcer Sheriff Poppy. Something of a legend in crime school, Sheriff Poppy has become obsessed with capturing Airee. But her luck runs true, and with the help of Polaris and the mysterious Butler, it has become an even more perplexing situation. Together they hop around the globe meeting strange characters visiting varied locales and encountering the stuff of legends. Their adventures will bring them all together to face some of the world's most ancient evils and dangers. Of course all this happens with that occasional heist on the side, otherwise Airee would probably quit the series altogether.

Cat's Trail Chapter 1